Unlock critical business challenges with Friction Management.

Employee experience is complex and nuanced. FOUNT helps you understand and manage it at scale, for thousands of employees and across your entire organization.

Discover how your understanding of experience can add value to crucial areas of your organization, and help you solve your most critical business challenges.

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Strategy & Prioritization

The human experience of work is complex – sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest step. FOUNT provides the input to an experience-led strategy for your organization.

Take a broad snapshot of the state of experience at your organization.

Identify the experiences that have the greatest impact on your key demographics.

Use experience data to shape problem statements and discover areas for further investigation.
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Frontline Manager Experience

Frontline managers play a crucial role in an organization – they have a direct impact on the experience of team members and customers. Yet who looks after their experience?

There are countless untapped opportunities to make their experience better.

Analyze their day-to-day experiences when they plan, work with customers, build their teams, and when they steer through organizational change.

Uncover obstacles, remove complexity and friction from their workflow.

Provide quantified experience input to support functions (HR, IT, etc.) to better enable frontline managers’ performance.
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Employee Retention

Poor employee experiences are the root cause of underperformance, attrition and lack of commitment to the organization.

Take a human-centric approach to solving retention problems for critical segments within your organization.

Identify, prioritize, and track improvement of experiences that are most urgent and important to your employees, as seen from their perspective.
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Transition to Flexible Work

As organizations work out their return to life post-pandemic, we need more visibility into employee experiences in a context of constant transition and uncertainty.

Focus on the experiences employees have in their working lives (whether in an office or at home), understand where they need most help with these transitions, and gain new perspectives into what matters most to them.
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Deliver on your DE&I Promises

No matter how committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion an organization is, success or failure depends on whether your experiences can deliver on your promises.

With FOUNT leaders can understand what matters the most for different groups of people, and can discover in which interactions your DE&I efforts fall short.
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