The 4th Annual State of EX Survey Is Here

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Jennifer Sigler
Aug 03, 2022
The 4th Annual State of EX Survey Is Here - images main
Not to toot our own horns or anything, but some very well-connected people have told us in the past, “Your survey is the best EX survey out there.”

Well, it’s even better this year, because this year, it’s going enterprise-wide and longitudinal. From 2022 on, the State of EX survey will collect the experiences of three different practitioner groups to provide a 360-degree, long-term view of EX improvement work at organizations worldwide, enabling you to:

  • Benchmark your organization’s progress, challenges, and priorities against others—every year, forevah…
  • Compare your organization’s EX-improvement practices to best practices
  • Find out how other organizations are adapting their EX work to current events (which, this year, means the economic downturn, tight labor market, return-to-office/hybrid work stuff—you know, the post-pandemic hellscape of our times)

Who Should Take It

We’re seeking input from:

  • EX function leaders and their teams
  • HR leadership teams and HRBPs
  • Non-HR C-level executives, board members, region heads, BU leaders, and P&L owners

Basically, if you’re involved in improving EX from any position in the organization, we want to hear from you.

What It Covers

Lots of stuff, but don’t worry: It takes most people under 15 minutes to complete. Depending on your position in the organization, we might ask you about:

  • How important your colleagues feel EX improvement work is
  • Your progress improving EX over the past year
  • Your current challenges + future priorities in EX work
  • What’s helping and hurting EX most at your organization
  • Your organization’s EX improvement style
  • Your EX team’s reporting line, size, budget, and partnerships
  • All kinds of stuff about your EX measurement efforts (including whether anyone is afraid of it—yeah, that happens)

When It’s Available

Right now. We’ll close it when we’ve hit the number of respondents we need to run our analyses, so don’t delay.

Where You Can Take It

The survey is now closed.


When will you publish the results?


Where can I get the results?

Watch this blog, our social, or join our mailing list so we can send you the report directly.

How can I get all of your research and thought leadership?

Sign up to receive our email updates, where we announce all of our new publications.

What will you do with my data if I take the survey?

Store it in compliance with GDPR regulations, keep your responses strictly confidential, and never sell it or use it to sell stuff to you.

I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

Email Jennifer Sigler, FOUNT Head of Research, at

About the author

Jennifer - images
Jennifer Sigler

Before becoming FOUNT’s first Head of Research, Jennifer worked as a Gartner Analyst, Head of Organizational Learning for a consulting firm, and in university teaching. She earned her doctorate in organizational communication from Purdue University, where she specialized in how organizational structures shape people’s experience of work. Her research has been published in both peer- reviewed and popular outlets; in 2023 her dissertation will publish in book format. Though a native of West Virginia, she currently lives in Northern Virginia with two dogs nicknamed “Fluff Monger” and “Trip Hazard.”